Liam Teague Guest Board on Wight Trash

Soooo about 6 Months ago John Cattle contacted me saying he wanted to give one of the Drawing Boards team a "Guest Pro" deck on Wight Trash . He told me it was Liam Teague , at first I was not so sure , but the more I thought about the list of legends who have had Guest Boards the more hyped I got . Liam definitely deserves more recognition than he gets , not just for his skateboarding , but also for all the unseen time he puts into projects such as Scene videos , skatepark design as well as raising money for the greater good of skateboarding . Being the only human to slay the mighty Churchill square twice is pure piss take as well .

I was also stoked to be able to draw the graphic that both John and I talked about . Big up Steynings finest handrail slayer Liam Teague. 

Check his section in Andy Evans "Just In Time" DVD ... 

(Phew , I did it without mentioning his slamming abilities)

Peace AD ..

Published: February 03, 2017