Lunar one Shot comp

Congrats to Jak Tonge for taking 2nd Place at Bay 66 on Sunday !! 

Published: March 26, 2014

New potions decks for Oz !!

Check the woodstain !!!

Footage also coming in from Ivan , Ratty , Luiz , Will and Oscar (bellow) keep em locked !!

 Oscar Sommerville Big popper . Photo Jake Bolton

Published: March 11, 2014

10 (11) x 270s

At the end of a good session at the new Farndon Park (Sar) Dean drops 10 (11) x 270 variations in a line ... 

Big up everyones favourite pilchard !! Plenty more to come !!

Published: March 05, 2014

Wha gwan ?

The weather has been a bit wank so we filmed a couple of quick things at Skatehouse ...

Mitch getting getting some high frontside carvery .. Pic Sam Roberts

Things are going well in Oz with the New Website now live !!! Lick the clink !!!

Also hyped on this Mitch Wheeler Lien Tailslide pic by Sam Roberts

Published: February 09, 2014

2013 ... Unlucky for some !!!

As the year draws to a close .. we thought we'd share the 13 highlights from the year with ya ...

1. The release of Draw The Line ... 

Was probably the biggest news of the year !!! Was so stoked to finally get this out there so people could get a taste of what we get up to ... Cheers to everyone for coming along to the releases and the S.O.S shops for stocking the DVDs .... 

Croydon kicked off !!!

2. Another bit of good new was Drawing Boards getting distribution with Ifive !! 

So now we are sold along side with DGK , Expedition , Silver ect !!! So hyped on that ..

Cheers to Adam and Jane for there hard work this year !!!

3. As well as the new DTL colorways we released the Fat Slag Postcard series ..

and The potions deck ...

and these Anti-mongo mugs ... 

Some VX T'shirts ..

and VX Hoodies ..

More to the range in Australia !!!

4. We also added to our flow team  ... 

In the form of George Terry

Front blunt to fakie .. Pic AD ..

5.Robert Fuller

Ollie .. Photo Matt Davies

6. And Mitch Wheeler

Mac 10 Bk Smith for Sam Roberts

Go check his 10 tricks HERE 

7.. Luiz Flavio also joined the Team down under !!

Polejam - Uberlandia -Photo Rene Jr

8. The opening of the Level has bee a real good look for us too . We have been making little edits this year ...Heres one ..

8. The opening of the Level has been really good for us too . We have been skating abit more park and made a few edits ...

Here's one ...

Heres another ...

And another ... 

And another ..

9. Jak got on HUF footwear ....


Check his welcome edit ..

and some leftovers from his part ...

and a bit of Haselmere for ya ..

10. Stoked good getting coverage from in Sidewalk again this year !!

Think it sums up what we are up to pretty well !! 

Pre DTL Hype !!

Teag added to his NBD list !!!

Sidewalk Buyers Guide let the shops know whats good !!

11. And crossfire .. Check Draw The Line Exposed HERE 

Also stoked on this one HERE and this one HERE 

12. Oz got busy doing Plenty of Demos too ....

Heres Ivan flying high .... Check @drawingboards for insta for pics from events .

Nice one Fog for this clip of the Oz boyards !!

13. These 10 tres in a row first go are probably the best way to round things up ....

Bring on 2014 !!!!

Published: December 31, 2013

Luiz block assassin !!..

Check out Drawing Boards Brazilian connection Luiz Flavio having a chilled sesh back in his home town Uberlandia. Filmed and edited by his mate Ricardo Porva .


Published: December 03, 2013


 Show someone you care this Christmas .
(Or get one for yourself on the sly)

Grab one HERE !! 

Wave goodbye to elongated foot syndrome after just a few sips !!!
Limited Edition Muggery !!

Published: November 29, 2013

Skeggers !!

 Went down to Skeg over the weekend for the Mini Ramp Champs and ended up filming an edit . Edit features Jak Le Tonge , Isaac "Doghead" Miller and D.V.M .

Big Cheers to Bruce for putting us up over the weekend !! Shout out to PJ Weener !!

Published: November 25, 2013

What's good at Drawing Boards ?

All good apart from Jaks head ..

Watching Jak have 6 stitches put in his head was the highlight of my Saturday night (and his too probably)

Brand New "Potions" deck is Out Now in all good skate shops ...

It's the cure for all your skateboarding ailments and will be available in all good skate shops in the next few weeks !!! Tell your Local to contact with I FIVE for the wood ... Pretty much all sizes covered !!! This is what you need for Crimbo !!!

Along with New VX1000 hoodies ...(Apologies to Jerry for making model them !!)

Guaranteed to stop ya nips looking like bullets this festive season !!

Grab one from the Level Skate shop or our online store HERE !!

In actual skateboarding news Will Kitley has been sending in some sick footage so expect an edit soon ..

Will Kitley Krook transfer . Pic Mason Nuygen

Also some silky lines from Luiz Flavio which is looking like a treat of an edit too ....

Luiz Flavio . Wallride rock and roll . Photo Rene Jr

Drawing Boards Cornish representative has been out in Barca filming and smashing it out !!

Rob Fuller - Hardfliper .. Photo Danny Parker

Mitch Wheeler is on the Flow program .. Dude has the right attitude to skateboarding ... We are backing him !! Watch this space ..

Ollie into the thin(g) Photo Rich West

Isaac's been steadily racking up footage for his Level section ... Get ready for a few NBDizzlers in this one !!

Isaac Miller Backsideflip . Pic ADs phone

Big Cheers to Sidewalk for putting us in the Buyer Guide this year ..

Also ty=hanks to Crossfire  for letting peeps know about the new potions deck !!

So all in all things are popping off ,,, We have also been working on the new Australian website so hyped for that .... Mini-ramp Champs this weekend should be a laugh too .. And there will be a couple of "Big Announcements" in December so make sure you check back , ya hear  !!!!

For daily updates click the Fazburk and Hipsterfam links top right of the page !!

Published: November 15, 2013

Welcome Luiz Flavio

Drawing Boards proudly welcomes Brazilian Luiz Flavio to the Family . Words that spring to mind when describing his skating are .. Super focused skateboarder and Mad consistent machine . He also owns an extremely meaty backside flip. We don't like Luiz , oh no we love him !! Wallride photo by Leandro Mosca

Published: October 25, 2013
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