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Our boyo in the latest Sidewalk …..

In other news Acquisition Premiere went nuts … So much so that we can’t use the cinema to show another movie … DVD in the making . we’ll keep you updated !!!

Published: February 11, 2015

Drawing Boards little Base session ..

Here's a little edit from a short evening sesh at The Base skatepark in Bognor . Featuring Jak Tonge , Louis Anotine , Pete Johns and Isaac Miller . Always a good vibe getting these boys together.  Isaac's flip fakie was induced by cannabis absinth don't try it at home kids !!!  

Also Drawing Boards have a section in Liam Teagues upcomig South Coast Video Acquisition which premiers on Jan the 30th at Sillias Benney Theatre !! £3 on the door !!

In unrelated news we have had to move our Facebook to here …

Published: January 20, 2015


Premiere booked for 30th of Jan at Sallis Benney Theatre .. Tickets a mere £2 .. £3 on the door !! Grab them from The Level shop !!!

Published: January 09, 2015

New decks have arrived !!!

Fresh out ... You can still smell the cellophane .. 3 colorways ... Blue , Green and Metallic .. All sizes available !!


Published: November 27, 2014

New Drawing Boards hoodies now in stock !!!

Nobody likes having hard nipples at this time of year ... So just in time here are possibly the sexiest looking hoodies known to mankind ... If they are not trendy enough for you we can always wack the price up to £85 …. Grab one from The Level Shop , Boardroom or click the Shop link above ..

Published: November 11, 2014

Mitch Wheeler and Louis Antoine Level pillage !!

 Been working on this one for a bit , due to all our very different timescales , lots of it was impulsive which made its loads of fun filming with these 2 beasts !!
Skaters : Mitch Wheeler and Louis Antoine .
Music . The Doors . The Changeling .

Skaters : Mitch Wheeler and Louis Antoine .
Music . The Doors . The Changeling .
Filmed by AD .. Edited by Ed Hubert

Published: October 28, 2014

House of Vans

Dean Robertson 1 foot blunt .. Pic Harvey Mills

Drawing Boards and Herbal skateboards met up at the House Of Vans for a mash up session. Competing brands? Bollocks to that. Skateboarding’s about inclusion and respect, right?

The companies have different styles and approaches, but their ideals and ethos’s are the same principally to have fun. This kind of collaboration doesn’t generally happen in many industries, but skateboarding is different and always will be. Plenty of good stuff went down, Here’s the highlights ...

Big Thanks to Sidewalk for hosting the clip !!!

Published: October 09, 2014

JAK TONGE Family man interview !!

Up now on Caught in the crossfire …… Click HERE !! 

Published: September 17, 2014

Jak at Battle of Hastings ..

Bit of a story behind this one , Jak was sleep deprived that morning so he decided to put unleaded into a diesel car . Unaware we headed to Hastings .. Inevitably we broke down a fair distance from the park . Jaks warm up was basically hacking blindly to the park on a hangover . He ended up winning the comp and a load of money which all ended up going on sorting out the motor … You lose some , you win some then you lose some I guess . Props to everyone at Hastings , as always a really fun day . Enjoy the edit !!

Published: September 12, 2014

Battle of Hastings 2014

 Battle of Hastings kicked off .. Jak took 1st and Louis took 2nd ...

The front noseblunt was pretty deep ... Managed to get some footage so expect to see that surface shortlyish ....

Also sponsored the Level comp , Croydon Jam , Wherry Town Plaza Comp and Crawley Jam . Feels good to be involved in these events .. If you have an event on let us know .... 

Meanwhile in Cornwall Rob Fuller be getting busy !!!

Published: September 08, 2014
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