This South Coast powerhouse needed to be hooked up and everyone was down .. At last we can start releasing his footage into the wild !!! Bon Bon !! Cheers to Sidewalk for sharing with the masses !! Watch this space !!!

Published: August 22, 2014

Boardmasters 2014

Our Boyo Jak Tonge smashed it coming 4th in Boardmasters Pro . 

Check the footage for his qualifing run and his hat steez for music confirmation .

Liam , George , Dean PJ and Isaac also all killed it so look out for footage and stories that may or maynot surface sometime soon .

Tour went off with very little planning . We ended up camping on the beach and seeing Snoop Dicky Dog . Cheers to Powley for sorting us out . Big up the illusive Rob Fuller !!

Published: August 11, 2014

Jak Hype ..

Jak Tonge DIY Nose Grind .. Pic Ranny

Jak Tonge Noseblunt shuv . Pic Rich West

Pole Jam .. Pic Toby Shaw

Got a load more too but saving them for an upcoming interview we just finished ..

If you thirsty for more skate pics CLICK HERE !! 

Also Been working on a little edit with Mitch Wheeler and our "New rider" !!! So get hyped for that one … 

Meantime plenty of clips HERE !! 

Published: July 18, 2014

Jak Tonge Pro deck announced in Sidewalk.

Jak back lips through the wire skate stopper . Photo Ranny !!

Get on em !!! Available in all good skate shops !!

Also back by popular demand …. Everyone loves a fresh white T'shirt for summer …. Fresher than a babies first breath !!! 

Comes with a load of stickers too .. Available in S/M/L/XL

Get them here … http://thedrawingboards.bigcartel.com/product/drawing-boy-white-t-shirt

Published: July 13, 2014

Ivan Vargas Drawing Boards 2nd Pro deck

Following hot on the heels of Jak Tonge ..

Australian Ivan Vargas is Drawing Boards 2nd Pro !!

Ivan is the king of pop and style (not in a Michael Jackson type way) . Ivan has been under the radar for far to long . We felt after his years of service smashing it for the company at such an amazing standard that he would be the man to rep our company in Oz. Being a new dad we feel this is a justification of his skating . Think we will let his skating do the talking .. Check his clip bellow . Then go buy his board !!

We have been running Drawing Boards in England and Australia for the past 9 years . We wanted to make Jak and Ivan both pro , creating a series that means something to them both individually .

The logos at the top are Portsmouth (Jak) and Brisbane (Ivan)

Jak Tonge Crest features

Music (Bob Marley) , boobies , his sons and nature … all things which are important to him ..

The symbols are mainly old English symbols meaning .. Earth , Beginning of creation ,Yin yang , Renewal , Mother, Spirituality , the 3 realms - Land sea sky, Life & Birth and  Cakes and Ale.

Ivan Vargas Crest features

Big bird (a reference to his swollen lips) , a skateboard (obviously), his trusted guitar , his friends and a Mexican hat . 

The Mexican pattern is because Ivan alias is the flying Mexican .

England/Australia collab logo at the bottom.

Published: June 16, 2014

Draw The Line Jak Tonge !!!!!

Ok before we go into this section please que the sound of trumpets !!

The Drawing Boards

is proud to announce

Jak Tonge is now Pro !!

Well overdue Jak Tonge is now Pro !! After years of consistently killing all terrain , doing demos accross the country and abroad and racking up the footage with ease (Check his Draw The Line bellow) . Portsmouth's finest has been repping the company for 5 years now and is Drawing Boards 1st ever pro . Yes Le Tonge !!!!

Draw The Line 2012

Skater : Jak Tonge

History : Jak took a pretty chilled approach to his part what with being a dad and all . Although he brought out the big guns when needed , especially his ender as that was basically the last time we would see him before the release . One man demo !!

Edited by : Liam Teague . Directed by : AD McEvoy

Now go grab his deck from your local skate shop that knows whats good !!


Published: June 15, 2014

Draw The Line . Isaac Miller

Day 6 … Brighton's Finest !!

Draw The Line 2012

Skater : Isaac Miller

History : Isaac is a machine plain and simple . He either kills it or makes a rollie .. There's no real in between . Filming his part was pretty much that . Straight Killer !

Edited by : Liam Teague . Directed by : AD McEvoy

Isaac Miller Tre flip 2nd go .. Isaac Miller .. Photo Ranny

Published: June 14, 2014

Draw The Line . Liam Teague

Day 5 … 2 Days till the big announcement !!!

Draw The Line . 2012

Skater : Liam Teague
History : Teague worked himself to the core not only on editing the dvd but also producing this banging section . This may explain why he looks half asleep most of the time . Frontboard Churchill is one for the history books . Cheers fella !!!!!!

Edited by : Liam Teague . Directed by : AD McEvoy

After watching this section you may feel a sudden urge for Leek and ham Quiche (just saying)

Liam Teague . Backboard over the knob . Pic Take

Published: June 13, 2014

Draw The Line . Jerry Wilson

Day 4 …. Fairfields son !!!

Draw The Line . 2012
Skater : Jerry Wilson
History : Jerry has been with Drawing Boards since day one . It was rad seeing him conquer these tricks, despite a million twisted ankles !!  Stay tuned for the ender !! .  Thanks for all the comedy , taking pics and generally helping out mate !!

Edited by : Liam Teague . Directed by : AD McEvoy

Jerry Wilson . Nollie flip NLA . Photo Marley

Published: June 12, 2014

DrawThe Line . Matt Hill

Day 3 … Get hyped !!!

Draw The Line . 2012 

Skater : Matt "Potter" Hill History : This part was pretty hard to finnish not because of the big mans ability , just because he spent a lot of time working laying floors . Potter is rad , just a shame he makes big things look small . Big up the tattooed bohemian !! 

Edited by : Liam Teague . Directed by : AD McEvoy

Potter blunt drag in .. Pic Rich West

Published: June 11, 2014
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