Drawing Boards .. Dam Cheesecake !!!

Drawing Boards is now distributed in Europe by "Go Europe" !!!!

Here's a little article Sidewalk Mag did to celebrate !!!

Photos by Jerry Wilson

Intro by Jak Tonge, captions by Jerry Wilson and outro by Adam McEvoy

The Drawing Boards recently spent some time in Amsterdam and came back with a ton of footage, some dope photos and a write up. Here it is in their words…

Jak Tonge: “When ever the Drawing Boards go on tour it becomes pretty raw, we never know where we will end up as people who we don’t know usually hook us up.

Friends of friends to put trust in, always ends up with a win. Amsterdam wasn’t the place at first but we found a new distribution to go slake Europe’s thirst…

New riders joined the team, Ash Challis skates like a lean machine, but doesn’t smoke. His talent is actually a joke.

You know what it’s like, gunning it and skating till night, sleeping on floors, surrounded by swaying doors, fuck it get up early for the footage fight!

Dean Robertson – blunt fakie

This was one of those impromptu stops, this dudes focus on a board is unreal; Dean jumped up and smashed this blunt fakie while the obstacle was swaying wildly. He cleaned up just in time for the Politie to politely insist we leave the busy intersection. He later showed up on the local news and Amsterdam got a quick teaser for the next DB vid.

Jak Tonge – backside disaster

Jak ate a three course meal of shit during the attempts, but the fantastic father from Fareham stepped back up to claim this delicious back D.

Dean Robertson – ollie

You wouldn’t want to do this to many times…Dean was scoping it while a session was going down at the other end and, despite “not really feeling it today”, went for the hammer.

Jak Tonge – back tail pop out to fakie

Jak worked for this one, one which I’m particuarly stoked on this as it was a real homage to tricks at Fairfield back in the day .

Louis Rose Antoine – mayday grind

Louis was a trooper on this trip; driving the whole time, bringing the teams style-point average up tenfold and racking up a ridiculous amount of footage. Here’s an early morning mayday, after a cig and coffee of course…

Stephan Schuuring – front shuv

Our Dutch representative Stephan got on with everyone so easily, and it was rad to have him in a heated session too. This yoot has a lot of talent presented with a milky style, keep an eye out for him.

Adam McEvoy: Overall this was a ridiculous trip which resulted in ten hours worth of footage to sift through, which will go well towards the video we are working on. Everyone who came on the trip did us proud – Ash Challis, Louis Antoine, Jak Tonge, Adam Keates, Liam Teague and Dean Robertson. Jerry, Josh and myself manned it on the media side and big thanks to Matteous & his sidekick Shizzles for putting us up…keep it www.thedrawingboards.com

Published: May 27, 2016

Summer Decks ..

New wood has arrived ..

Really pleased with the way they have come out and stoked on the amount of new shops stocking them aswell .. Ask in your local ..

Continuing our successful Spring release of Food for free we are releasing a summer one . 

Also Skate all Day makes a return after an almost 10 year hiatus .

This was always a favourite back in the day so we have a limited run of them out now ..

And finally “The Gentlemen’s Guide to Wood-Pushing Etiquette”.

Really enjoyed bouncing ideas about with Jak and Jerry to come up with this one ..

More announcements to follow … Check the hipster-gram for daily updates .. 

Published: May 14, 2016

VX Wife !!!

Drawing Boards is in the process of going HD!? On the sly I have been filming bits with VX wife. I'm gonna miss crouching in piss ridden alleyways with her pushing her buttons .

She served me well over the 10 year mark . But now I've traded the old girl in for a sleeker model for the full lengther .


Published: May 12, 2016

Level Drawing Boards Colab !!

We made some T'shirts with our friends at the Level Shop .. Check em ..

Here's a nollie heel for good measure ..

In other News Amsterdam Tour went off , expect some hype from that soon ….

Ash's first trick of the day .. Bk nose blunt … Instagram init ..

New decks and edit dropping May 12th for summer .. Keep it Drawing Boards kid !!

Published: May 06, 2016

The Killer !!!!!

 Arrr Yeah Doghead !!!

Isaac Miller has got a pro deck out . People kept asking me when it was going to happen , so it's a real honor to produce his first ever signature deck . There aren't many people who are better at skating in life than on video . Isaac is well worthy and anyone who has witnessed him in full flow knows . Isaac has been killing it for years and this one is a tongue in cheek representation … Also wanted to feature his 3 favorite things … Rats, Old Speckled Hen and "Herbs of the Province" .

And Mr Jak Wrong Tonge has his second deck out on Drawing Boards .. Jak came up with the idea and I worked on it with him until this monstrosity appeared .

So here's what we got for Spring .. Let your local Skateshop know what's good !!!!

Loads of sizes available from 7.75 to 8.8 !!!!

Published: March 21, 2016

Dyllan Vd Merwe . Level Assassination .


Dyllan doesn’t care about what’s “cool” he just skates . A lot of it
wasn’t planned it just happened organically . All hail the dreadlocked
wildebeest !!!! Guest appearance from “The Killer” Isaac Miller at the
last minute ..

Published: March 21, 2016

Food For Free

We just walk past these plants everyday and don’t introduce ourselves or ask any questions about them . So being a tree hugging hippy scumbag , I thought it would be a good look to stick them on a deck . I worked closely with my friend Laurie a skater from Guilford and a keen forager to make sure the deck was factually correct and the pictures look realistic enough .. His partner Janine was a massive help with all that too (shout out for all the help with my awful spelling) . Hyped on these , colours are spot on and they arrived just in time .

More stuff on the way …..

Published: March 18, 2016

Isaac "The Killer" Miller

Here’s Isaac “The Killer” Millers Alternative Edit from Draw the Line
which was Drawing Boards 2012 Release … Big things are happening with
Isaac right now .. Hold tight , all will be revealed !!!

Published: March 03, 2016

Cheatcodes ..

Thought we should put all Ash's ridiculous Instagram tricks at Lowestoft skatepark in one place . Clips generally get lost and never seen again on Instagram … Few NBDs in this one .. Ash Challis is definitely one of the U.Ks best kept secrets .. but not for long … If you have Instagram go follow @drawingboards and @ashchallis for pretty much daily updates ..

Published: January 05, 2016

Mitch Wheely Boarding !!

Out of nowhere an edit of Mitch Wheeler courtesy of Sirus F Gahan !!! Mitch footage is always gold and Sirus definitely know his sheet !!! High fives all round !!

Published: December 18, 2015
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