Amsterdam Postcards just in !!!

"Groten uit Amsterdam" The 4th in the Postcard Series .. 

Celebrating our European Distribution straight out of Amsterdam comes a Brand NEW "Postcard" deck

Featuring Clogs , Houses and Tulips not to mention the ultimate lady of the night !!

Published: August 19, 2016

New "Gents" Wheels Now in !!

52mm and 53mm of pure unobliterated pleasure !!

Go on be a Gent !!

Published: August 11, 2016

Flo !!!

Flo skatepark was the destination for the Vans Shop Riot .. We skated for a couple of hours the night before the Shop Riot and got this footage . 

Which was lucky really , as the camera packed in the next day so I couldn't film the comp itself .  Skaters : Dylan VD Merwe  , Isaac Miller and Ash Challis along with Level Rep Dan Reynolds . Big shouts to Flo and Level Shop for making this one happen . Nice to get the footage finally out there .. Apologies to our boy Keats as the cam messed up before we could get any footage with him .. Messy fun ..

Published: August 05, 2016

Nass footage ..

It's surfaced !!!

Published: July 25, 2016

NASS (gurning) Festival .

NASS was rad , so good hanging out with a good bunch of people . 

Adam took the best trick with a feeble to back lip amongst other things ..

Footage of Miller , Keats and Challis to follow ….

In the mean time here's some radness from Cornwall courtesy of Matt Hunt ..

Keats takes enders .. Rad to see Louis repping in Cornish waters too .. Big up Kernow ..

Published: July 14, 2016

Should've Got a Drawing Board !!

New T'shirts out now for summer !!

Ask in your local Skateshop !!!

Published: July 04, 2016

Shops !!!

Here at Drawing Boards don't sell boards down the local park or online , we think it's best to sell in skateshops as they give jobs to skaters …

Loads of New shops stocking Drawing Boards all round the country  …. 

If your shop sells Drawing Boards and has a website that's not featured HERE  … send us over the link 

Speaking of shops .. Vans Shop Riot was rad … 4 of the Drawing Boards Team were involved .. 

Ash Challis for Smash Skates (Newdeal pic above by Si Bernacki)

Dyllan Vd Merwe and Isaac Miller repping Level Shop who rolled in 8th despite the boys getting of there trollies the night before ..

And New boyars Adam "Treats" Keats taking 2nd place with Skate Warehouse ..

Footage is on our insta (click top right) .. But the hammers will be revealed once I get my cam sorted …. 

Published: July 01, 2016

Jak Tonges got shoes !!

Emerica Fugg Yeah .. 

Jak Tonge Back D in the Devils toilet !! Photo Ranny ..

Published: June 22, 2016

Welcome Adam Keats

Adam Keats loves a bit of smooth criminality … Hyped to have him on Drawing Boards !!!

Published: June 15, 2016

Will Kitely .. Seoul Shakedown Party

Our boyard Will Kitely was out in Seoul Korea ..

 Rather than make it up we asked him some questions ...  

Yo Will, how was Seoul and how long were you there for?

We were in Seoul for about three weeks; I was there with two other friends and we were mainly excited to skate around all the insane spots, but also got to sightsee and hang out with some really fun people! The food and beer was incredible and our local friends would take us around to amazing fried chicken spots and just the most extravagant shopping areas and skate spots you could imagine. Besides the usual touristy stuff I had an interesting time getting some tattoos as they are illegal in Korea, but thanks to our friends we found some amazing parlours and got a couple from a great Japanese artist.

What’s the skate scene like?

The skate scene in Korea was interesting. Being relatively young, with the first shops opening in the 1990s, it had this tight knit feel to it and an excitement that attracts a diverse group of people. The main aspect that stood out to me was this sense of peaceful rebellion the skaters had, it was really going against the status quo for them to be doing what they do and as passionately as they do it.

Many spots?

The skate spots in Seoul are amazing; everything was marble, perfect to skate and best of all there are no skate stoppers. Some of the spots we saw seemed like they were straight out of a video game. The spots seemed to be never ending, it is just such a huge city you could never find everything. Skate spots we would session for hours and hours back home we would just skate past without bothering, because without a doubt there would be something ten times better around the corner.

Is there a central meeting spot for skaters?

The local skaters had worked really hard in getting a small plaza area called Culture Park open for skateboarding. There was a Southbank feel to the plaza and you could tell this was the Mecca for Korean skateboarding, with portable ramps, rails and ledges all set up amongst the existing stairs, ledges and hubba. Getting busy around 2 o’clock everyday, this place was the meet up!

What were the best/worst things about your trip?

Best thing about this trip was just getting to meet all these new and inspirational people and get a real eye opener into a different world – the differences culturally were really intriguing to me. Just getting to have the chance to chill out and skate whenever and however I wanted was the best experience. The worst would probably be just the usual injuries; rolling my ankle quite early on, which put me off my board for a week and also meant I couldn’t do some of my normal go to tricks.

Cheers Will

Published: June 08, 2016
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