Boardmasters 2015

UK mini ramp scene has always been amazing . Here's Jaks final comp run , he said it felt like a bunch of skaters having a sesh .. Injured with no sleep , the positive attitude made it happen . Big up Boardmasters and all the skaters !! Another rad Boardmasters with the Drawing Boards Family , terrorist camping , beers , rad locals , friends and sunburn !!!

Lets do it all again next year !!!

Published: August 12, 2015


These have been in the making for a while .... Stoked to have them out and about ....

Also to celebrate our 10 years of existence we have also bought back the first ever Drawing Board graphic "Thought" and our best selling deck "Crowded" graphic both in new colorways .. So hyped on these !!

Available in 7.75 , 8 , 8.125 , 8.25 , 8.5 as per usual !!

Also we have all of these in stock if your keen ask in your local skateshop !!

And ..... It'd just be plain rude to release new decks without abit of new footage .. So here's something for you mince pies ....

Here's a splattering of tricks we are stoked on from parks round the place . Featuring the Drawing Boards team : Isaac Miller , Jak Tonge , Louis Antoine , Liam Teague , Dean Robertson , Dyllan Vd Merwe and Pete Johns along with our flowmies Phil Batchelor , George Terry , Nick Raines with a guest appearance from our Aussie connection Will Kitely . Parks are (in order) Fareham , Crawley , Truro Plaza , The Level , Woodingdean and Skaterham . There was loads of surplice footage from this edit so if you've witnessed a trick and are wondering where it is don't worry it'll ooze out in one form or another .

Also a nice little hype interview over on Sidewalk HERE !! 

All is going really well at Drawing Boards , loads of new outlets stocking decks .. Tell your local skate shop to get in contact via

Published: July 15, 2015

Congrats !!!

Shout out to Jak Tonge and Isaac Miller for taking 4th and 10th place at NASS this year !!

Drawing Boards coming strong !!

Published: July 14, 2015

Tre Bomb !!

 Check Fuller out ...

Published: July 03, 2015

June Stock ..

Tell your local Skateshop here's what good !!

Currently stocking in skate shops and skateparks all over the country !! If you wanted any of the others appolagies they have all sold out … But the good news is we have a big drop in July to celebrate our 10 years !!!

Published: June 12, 2015

Acquisition Hype !!

 Liam Teague still remains the only human to put his trucks down the
infamous Churchill rail . Here we see skateboarding’s answer to Jakie
Chan laying down his second NBD at said spot !! When Liam’s not busy
trying to end his skateboard career with stunts like this he also makes
sick skate videos . Speaking of which , his new South Coast based DVD
“Acquisition” is out NOW !

Grab one from here or the Level Shop !!

Published: May 15, 2015

Wheels in !!!

 Wheels are back in !!!! If you had our last few batches you'll know how rad they are !!

2 Birds , 1 Stone , 4 wheels (52's)

And ....

Pencil nib wheels available in 53 and 54 out now !!! Crispy clean urethane !!

Ask your local skate shop to shout to get them in ...

Published: May 10, 2015

Congrats JT !!!

Jak Tonge took first place in the NASS qualifiers … Hells ye !!!

Hype machine !! Footage HERE !!

Published: May 04, 2015


Ok soooo here we are !!!!

Really pleased with the way these came out … Available in all good skate Shops ..  Tell your local skateshop to holla I five or get in contact with . Available in all sizes 7.75 , 8 , 8.125 , 8.375 , 8.25 , 8.5 and cruiser and Pool bomber shapes ..

Alsoooooo New 2 Birds T'shirts are here !!!

S, M , L , XL

Available in White , Blue , Maroon , Grey , Black , Old Gold and Charcoal .  

Available so far in The Boardroom  , The Level Shop Brighton and HERE !!

And here's our section from the DVD Acquisition which has it's DVD Launch tonight at the Level shop .

Featuring Dean Robertson , George Terry , Jak Tonge , Isaac Miller , Pete Johns , Dyllan VD Merwe , Liam Teague , Sneaky Mitch and Louis Rose - Antoine .

Full screen this one !!!

A few filming missions , some right time right place moments , 2 aborted film projects , blagging the odd clip here and there and making a film in between was enough to acquire the footage for this video . Featuring a wealth of skaters , nutters , tricks , tramps , antics and fashion disasters from Brighton and Beyond . 

Pick up your copy from the Level shop or HERE !! ...  

More NEW products to be announced  !!! And a bumper edit on the way !!!

Published: April 24, 2015

Crawley Jam ..

 Stoked to sponsor the Crawley Jam again .. A good Day ..

All pics courtesy of Toby Shaw

Pete Johns bk 180 nosegrind ..

DVM Noseblunt .

Teague blunt ..

DVM .. Ollie fakie

More on the Crawley freestyle page . Shout out to Sean Tilbury for organising the Event

We are doing a fair few Events this year .

If you have one and you want us to be involved just give us a shout ..

And of course the obligatory street sesh afterward kicked off ..

Pete Johns . Back nose blunt on the crust !!

Published: April 07, 2015
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