Cheatcodes ..

Thought we should put all Ash's ridiculous Instagram tricks at Lowestoft skatepark in one place . Clips generally get lost and never seen again on Instagram … Few NBDs in this one .. Ash Challis is definitely one of the U.Ks best kept secrets .. but not for long … If you have Instagram go follow @drawingboards and @ashchallis for pretty much daily updates ..

Published: January 05, 2016

Mitch Wheely Boarding !!

Out of nowhere an edit of Mitch Wheeler courtesy of Sirus F Gahan !!! Mitch footage is always gold and Sirus definitely know his sheet !!! High fives all round !!

Published: December 18, 2015

Drawing Boards quickie at Bay 66 !!

A couple of hours with the boyards produced this wee edit from Drawing Boards Team Jak , Zak , DVM , Dean and Ash with a guest appearance from bigflipsandboobs himself James Grindly …. 'Tis the season !!

Published: December 14, 2015

More New Things !!!

 Fresh off the press ….

Available in all your favourate sizes !!

Published: December 03, 2015

Product Time


Lucky Deck .. Fingers crossed , Knocking on Wood ,  St Johns Wart (to ward off the evil spirits) and a Lucky Horse Shoe ..

Unlucky Deck ..  Opening a Brolly indoors , Broken Mirror , Walking Under a Ladder and Crossing a Black Cat

Also a load of Garms to keep you warm ..

All sizes available .. Ask in your local Skateshop ..

Drawing Boards is now self Distributed so we can make it happen !!!

Published: November 05, 2015

DIY shorts ..

Had a morning warm up with with PJ at The Pig City DIY Spot before heading to the streets .. Later that day after finding Dean asleep on the beach we headed back for a quickie before the impending darkness set in ..

Also a year ago Drawing Boards spent the morning at a newly refurbished Bloblands . We thought it was about time the footage is released into the wild . Skaters : Jak Tonge , Jerry Wilson , Liam Teague and Pete Johns ... Gotta love this spot !!

New stuff dropping next week … Keep it Drawing Boards !!!

Published: October 25, 2015

Picture Me Rolling - Jak Tonge

Jak was busy filming in between partying his face off in Oz …


Here's his B sides for the upcoming "Picture me Rolling" DVD by Stu Fogarty !!

Published: September 16, 2015

Boardmasters 2015

UK mini ramp scene has always been amazing . Here's Jaks final comp run , he said it felt like a bunch of skaters having a sesh .. Injured with no sleep , the positive attitude made it happen . Big up Boardmasters and all the skaters !! Another rad Boardmasters with the Drawing Boards Family , terrorist camping , beers , rad locals , friends and sunburn !!!

Lets do it all again next year !!!

Published: August 12, 2015


These have been in the making for a while .... Stoked to have them out and about ....

Also to celebrate our 10 years of existence we have also bought back the first ever Drawing Board graphic "Thought" and our best selling deck "Crowded" graphic both in new colorways .. So hyped on these !!

Available in 7.75 , 8 , 8.125 , 8.25 , 8.5 as per usual !!

Also we have all of these in stock if your keen ask in your local skateshop !!

And ..... It'd just be plain rude to release new decks without abit of new footage .. So here's something for you mince pies ....

Here's a splattering of tricks we are stoked on from parks round the place . Featuring the Drawing Boards team : Isaac Miller , Jak Tonge , Louis Antoine , Liam Teague , Dean Robertson , Dyllan Vd Merwe and Pete Johns along with our flowmies Phil Batchelor , George Terry , Nick Raines with a guest appearance from our Aussie connection Will Kitely . Parks are (in order) Fareham , Crawley , Truro Plaza , The Level , Woodingdean and Skaterham . There was loads of surplice footage from this edit so if you've witnessed a trick and are wondering where it is don't worry it'll ooze out in one form or another .

Also a nice little hype interview over on Sidewalk HERE !! 

All is going really well at Drawing Boards , loads of new outlets stocking decks .. Tell your local skate shop to get in contact via

Published: July 15, 2015

Congrats !!!

Shout out to Jak Tonge and Isaac Miller for taking 4th and 10th place at NASS this year !!

Drawing Boards coming strong !!

Published: July 14, 2015
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