Jude Williams

Stoked to Welcome Jude Williams . 

Back~Fiddy pic Mason Nguyen

Jude has been our best kept secret for a while now so it feels good to be able to post clips up at last .

 He skates pretty much everything and we are big fans of he's flowy style and trick selection .. 

Look out for plenty of Jude clips incoming and check our insta for his Welcome Edit .....

Published: April 28, 2023

Documentaion ..

Last week i went to Scene Studios to document the last 18 years of Drawing Boards graphics with Simon Bernacki on the trigger … 

Here’s some I phone photos in the mean time .. So we don't give to much away ..

This one from a set of DTL Decks.

A couple of 10 year anniversary Thought decks ..

Byzo print from many moons ago ..

Amsterdam Wood to celebrate European Dist .. Pre Brexit 

The first Pro Deck .. Jak Tonge 2012

One from the popular "Foraging" Series ..

A few from the Board Game Series ..

Crowded came in more colour ways than any other deck .. 

We ended up with a total of 120 photos of individual decks , all individually lit ... Stay tuned for the next incarnation ...

Published: February 18, 2023

Evan's on New Balance !!

Massive props all round .. Evan Johnson is on New Balance , big thanks to Mark Baines for making this happen . 

Evan Johnson - quarter to bank 360 flip. Pic Leo Sharp

Here’s some Leo Sharp pics of Evan at Pitt Street from an edit filmed by Ryan Gray up now on the Skateboarders Companion website  .. 

Evan Johnson - Bennett grind. Pic Leo Sharp

The edit is ridiculous and features some our favourite UK skaters for sure .. Well worth a watch ..  Feel really grateful and stoked to see Evan getting recognition on a large platform as he really deserves it .. Anyway if you’re still reading this then you’re not watching the edit .. Geddit ..

Published: February 08, 2023

Skate Pharm x Drawing Boards "Postcard" Deck ..

Aloha from Sunny Margate ..

Published: November 17, 2022

101 Uses For a Skateboard Decks

"101 Uses for a Skateboard" Skate have arrived and will e in all good Skate Shops next week ... 

Also available now are a limited run of colouring books ... 

If you send in a picture of you or your child's colouring to 101usesforaskateboard@gmail.com you get free access to a 8 minutes animation based on the book ... 

Here's the shortened version ..

Published: September 03, 2022

Drawing Boards Undercover ..

The Undercover Skatepark Project is underway ... Soon Portsmouth will soon have it's own Undercover Skatepark ...Thanks to Jake for the invite to come and check it out ... Very proud of Jake , Jenna and all the people who have got behind this awesome project .. Here's a bit of Evan Johnson , Liam Teague and Portsmouths very own Jak Tonge skating the smoothest floor in the UK .. Filmed by AD .. Enjoy ..

Published: January 14, 2022

The Healing Properties of Mushrooms

Just in …. 

Fungi are the grand recyclers of the planet and the vanguard species in habitat restoration.

Published: October 19, 2021

101 Uses for a skateboard .

Proud to announce 101 Uses for a Skateboard" Written and Illustrated by Adam McEvoy and published by Red Fez Books . Go ask in your local Skateshop or Bookshop .. 

Published: October 11, 2021

Evdit ..

Filmed most of this on my way into work on a Thursday , luckily Evan always comes up with the goods so I managed to miss the traffic … Enjoy ..

Published: September 17, 2021

Ox ... hey !!

A visit to the Oxhey with Evan and Adam produced this goodness .. Filmed by AD and Dale .. Edited by Dale .

Published: April 26, 2021
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