Wood Pusher Mag .

Stoked to have our Cornish "Down by the River" Tour documented in printed form by Wood Pusher Mag.

Really pleased with the way it came out with photos of the whole team courtesy of Jerry Wilson.

Ask in your local for a copy !!

Published: August 04, 2017

Vans Shop Riot

Props to Adam and Isaac to making it to the Annual Shop Riot this year held at Rock City in Hull .

Here's Adam noseblunting his way to first place with Skate Warehouse . Photo CJ

Published: August 03, 2017

Northern "Poo with a View" Tour

WE recently went on a tour up Nort(ish) ..

There's a write up on Sidewalk HERE!! 

Liam Teague Hippy Jump. Pic Chris Dale

Published: July 17, 2017


Soo we made our annual pilgrimage to the gurnfest that is NASS .

Here's some photos courtesy of Paul Scott ..

Isaac Miller kickflips the ring of Fire

Jak Tonge 50/50 stall at best trick jam .

Isaac , Jak and Adam all put in that work for the Pro skateboarding comp , bit of FOOTAGE HERE  ... More to come  ..

Published: July 11, 2017


Here we go people ...

New Summer offerings have just arrived ..

They are all Latin Phrases tweaked to our own ethos ... E.g Every journey starts with a single push ....

Was rad doing these up as it made me look into the which characters to put on the decks , so my daughter and I are now well into Greek Mythology now .. 

Parts of the prints are in metallic and parts use the natural wood of the deck .. Heres some close ups ..

The Muse



Expect them in your Local Skate Shops if they aren't already ....

Also a quick stop edit from Farnham ..

Skaters : Isaac Miller , Jak Tonge , Dean Robertson .. Filmers : AD and Harry Basey .. Edited by Liam Teague

Published: June 02, 2017

Shops .

Big shout to all the old and new shops who stock us ... 

Some can be found right HERE  .... 

Don't forget the Level comp is coming up 27th May !!!!

Heres a lost Level photo from the DC Special Delivery Tour .. Isaac Miller - Front Smith up high . Photo: Leo Sharp.

Lewes Jam went well ... Expect a Lewes edit to drop at some point  ..

Jak Tonge Nosegrinds the channel .

Isaac floats one outta the whippy quarter ... Plenty more to come ...

Published: May 22, 2017

Slam Man B sides !!

Tricks don't always come easy! Liam Teague had to go through some pain filming for Andy Evans' latest production "Just in Time". Sit back and enjoy someone else eating shit so you don't have to. No idea how this dude's still alive.

Published: April 10, 2017

Isaac "The Chiller" Miller

The whole team are really stoked on Isaac Miller getting his second pro deck on Drawing Boards. The design is something that contrasts with his first pro board "The Killer” so this one is called "The Chiller" Isaac Miller. 

We couldn't really bring out a deck without some footage of the man himself, so after scouring the hard drive we came across these street gems .

There's plenty more to come from Miller too so keep ya beady eyeballs out . I worked closely with Isaac on the graphic and there is a lot of references to "him" amongst the detail. Seek and ye shall find!

Also more new wood out here for Spring ...

Skatevine ..

and "Whom" ..

Ask in your Local S.O.S !!!

Published: March 18, 2017

PJ Rads Wonderful horrible day at the level

After a night of shenanigans PJ showed up at the level and filmed this wee edit ... Isaac popped over on his lunch break to smash it too ... This was meant to be a little thing for Insta , but Josh made it into an edit and it'd be rude not to share it with you 'orrible lot  !!! Big up everyones favourite Golden Retriever and Alsatian Hound .. Yes dog heads !!!

Published: February 24, 2017

Liam Teague Guest Board on Wight Trash

Soooo about 6 Months ago John Cattle contacted me saying he wanted to give one of the Drawing Boards team a "Guest Pro" deck on Wight Trash . He told me it was Liam Teague , at first I was not so sure , but the more I thought about the list of legends who have had Guest Boards the more hyped I got . Liam definitely deserves more recognition than he gets , not just for his skateboarding , but also for all the unseen time he puts into projects such as Scene videos , skatepark design as well as raising money for the greater good of skateboarding . Being the only human to slay the mighty Churchill square twice is pure piss take as well .

I was also stoked to be able to draw the graphic that both John and I talked about . Big up Steynings finest handrail slayer Liam Teague. 

Check his section in Andy Evans "Just In Time" DVD ... 

(Phew , I did it without mentioning his slamming abilities)

Peace AD ..

Published: February 03, 2017
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