Tree Spirits

A tree with strong Roots laughs at storms.

I’ve always been fascinated by trees. The fact that they support and look after each other and seldom do their branches ever touch. When I found out how the Celts had an actual tree calendar and how they revered trees like gods I knew I had to find out more and so the “Tree Spirit” Series was born.

Each deck is broken down into bits showing the animals who are attracted to the tree, it’s celtic name and symbol on the calendar. It’s title and the things it stands for. Also it’s practical uses.


  • Attracts Badgers and many different insects
  • Do not burn the elder as it’s smoke is poisonous and amongst Pagans
    often thought of as a witch’s tree, and it is generally considered very bad luck to burn them.
  • Death Life Transformation


  • Attracts Foxes, Owls , Squirrels and Bats to name a few.
  • When areas of woodland were cleared it would often be left standing as a meeting point or for ceremonies the druids would cut mistletoe
  • Survival Power Wisdom


It was no brainer to do this one as it is what our beloved wizz plans are made of.

  • Also the source of maple syrup.
  • Deer use the dense cover that maples provide to protect themselves from predators.
  • During the winter months, deer will often eat the buds and twigs from maples.
  • Ambition, Solution
Tree Spirits - Elder
Tree Spirits - Oak
Tree Spirits - Maple
Photography by Simon Bernacki