Wheel of Life

I'd wanted to draw my version of the wheel of life for a long time, but always found the idea of it pretty daunting.

To be fair I was right ..
This is definitely the most intense detailed graphic I had ever drawn. Definitely done a fair bit of soul searching in the process haha ..

A brief breakdown starting from the inside ..

The wild boar, pigeon and snake in the hub of the wheel represent the three poisons of ignorance, attachment and aversion.

The second layer represents Karma.

The third layer represents the six realms of samsara.

The fourth layer represents the twelve links of dependent origination. The figure holding the wheel (Yama) represents impermanence.

The moon represents liberation from samsara or cyclic existence.

The Buddha pointing to the moon indicates that liberation is possible.

Wheel of Life - Left
Wheel of Life - Center
Wheel of Life - Right
Photography by Simon Bernacki