Whats the crack?

All is going well in the land of Drawing Boards... Well nearly...

Potter managed to break his arm on the first day flying out to skate with Drawing Boards Australia...

He's met up with Jak who has been smashing it over the greater half of Brisbane and down over to the boarder to Ballina, Northern N.S.W with the rest of the Oz Team..

Jak Tonge noseblunt slide Photo Stuart Foggarty.

Meanwhile in this neck of the woods.. All is well, we have a sick new local park The Level. Props to all involved in getting that made!!

G.T blunting Baywatch style!!

Dyl is back from injury and not messing about with this front 180 to flat!!

Isaac likes being high...

Work is in Progress of a Park edit featuring the level and a few other bits n bobs...

Also Crawley Jam was good...Shouts to Teague who smashed it out along with everyone else!!

Next comp we are sponsoring is the Hastings comp on September 7th.. Should be a good one..

Here's Jak Tonge last year..... Photo Mark Richards!!

Posted on August 12th, 2013