2013... Unlucky for some!!!

As the year draws to a close.. we thought we'd share the 13 highlights from the year with ya...

1. The release of Draw The Line...

Was probably the biggest news of the year!!! Was so stoked to finally get this out there so people could get a taste of what we get up to... Cheers to everyone for coming along to the releases and the S.O.S shops for stocking the DVDs....

Croydon kicked off!!!

2. Another bit of good new was Drawing Boards getting distribution with Ifive!!

So now we are sold along side with DGK, Expedition, Silver ect!!! So hyped on that..

Cheers to Adam and Jane for there hard work this year!!!

3. As well as the new DTL colorways we released the Fat Slag Postcard series..

and The potions deck...

and these Anti-mongo mugs...

Some VX T'shirts..

and VX Hoodies..

More to the range in Australia!!!

4. We also added to our flow team...

In the form of George Terry

Front blunt to fakie.. Pic AD..

5.Robert Fuller

Ollie.. Photo Matt Davies

6. And Mitch Wheeler

Mac 10 Bk Smith for Sam Roberts

Go check his 10 tricks HERE

7.. Luiz Flavio also joined the Team down under!!

Polejam - Uberlandia -Photo Rene Jr

8. The opening of the Level has bee a real good look for us too. We have been making little edits this year...Heres one..

8. The opening of the Level has been really good for us too. We have been skating abit more park and made a few edits...

Here's one...

Bring on 2014!!!!

Posted on December 31st, 2013