Draw The Line Jak Tonge!!!!!

Ok before we go into this section please que the sound of trumpets!!

The Drawing Boards

is proud to announce

Jak Tonge is now Pro!!

Well overdue Jak Tonge is now Pro!! After years of consistently killing all terrain, doing demos accross the country and abroad and racking up the footage with ease (Check his Draw The Line bellow). Portsmouth's finest has been repping the company for 5 years now and is Drawing Boards 1st ever pro. Yes Le Tonge!!!!

Draw The Line 2012

Skater: Jak Tonge

History: Jak took a pretty chilled approach to his part what with being a dad and all. Although he brought out the big guns when needed, especially his ender as that was basically the last time we would see him before the release. One man demo!!

Edited by: Liam Teague. Directed by: AD McEvoy

Now go grab his deck from your local skate shop that knows whats good!!


Posted on June 15th, 2014