Ivan Vargas Drawing Boards 2nd Pro deck

Following hot on the heels of Jak Tonge..

Australian Ivan Vargas is Drawing Boards 2nd Pro!!

Ivan is the king of pop and style (not in a Michael Jackson type way). Ivan has been under the radar for far to long. We felt after his years of service smashing it for the company at such an amazing standard that he would be the man to rep our company in Oz. Being a new dad we feel this is a justification of his skating. Think we will let his skating do the talking.. Check his clip bellow. Then go buy his board!!

We have been running Drawing Boards in England and Australia for the past 9 years. We wanted to make Jak and Ivan both pro, creating a series that means something to them both individually.

The logos at the top are Portsmouth (Jak) and Brisbane (Ivan)

Jak Tonge Crest features

Music (Bob Marley), boobies, his sons and nature... all things which are important to him..

The symbols are mainly old English symbols meaning.. Earth, Beginning of creation,Yin yang, Renewal, Mother, Spirituality, the 3 realms - Land sea sky, Life & Birth and Cakes and Ale.

Ivan Vargas Crest features

Big bird (a reference to his swollen lips), a skateboard (obviously), his trusted guitar, his friends and a Mexican hat.

The Mexican pattern is because Ivan alias is the flying Mexican.

England/Australia collab logo at the bottom.

Posted on June 15th, 2014