These have been in the making for a while.... Stoked to have them out and about....

Also to celebrate our 10 years of existence we have also bought back the first ever Drawing Board graphic "Thought" and our best selling deck "Crowded" graphic both in new colorways.. So hyped on these!!

Available in 7.75, 8, 8.125, 8.25, 8.5 as per usual!!

Also we have all of these in stock if your keen ask in your local skateshop!!

And..... It'd just be plain rude to release new decks without abit of new footage.. So here's something for you mince pies....

Here's a splattering of tricks we are stoked on from parks round the place. Featuring the Drawing Boards team: Isaac Miller, Jak Tonge, Louis Antoine, Liam Teague, Dean Robertson, Dyllan Vd Merwe and Pete Johns along with our flowmies Phil Batchelor, George Terry, Nick Raines with a guest appearance from our Aussie connection Will Kitely. Parks are (in order) Fareham, Crawley, Truro Plaza, The Level, Woodingdean and Skaterham. There was loads of surplice footage from this edit so if you've witnessed a trick and are wondering where it is don't worry it'll ooze out in one form or another.

Also a nice little hype interview over on Sidewalk HERE!!

All is going really well at Drawing Boards, loads of new outlets stocking decks.. Tell your local skate shop to get in contact via hello@thedrawingboards.com

Posted on July 15th, 2015