The Killer!!!!!

Arrr Yeah Doghead!!!

Isaac Miller has got a pro deck out. People kept asking me when it was going to happen, so it's a real honor to produce his first ever signature deck. There aren't many people who are better at skating in life than on video. Isaac is well worthy and anyone who has witnessed him in full flow knows. Isaac has been killing it for years and this one is a tongue in cheek representation... Also wanted to feature his 3 favorite things... Rats, Old Speckled Hen and "Herbs of the Province".

And Mr Jak Wrong Tonge has his second deck out on Drawing Boards.. Jak came up with the idea and I worked on it with him until this monstrosity appeared.

So here's what we got for Spring.. Let your local Skateshop know what's good!!!!

Loads of sizes available from 7.75 to 8.8!!!!

Posted on March 21st, 2016