We got some new stuff out for winter....

The return ofSkate at Night, This was a favourite from 10 years ago and thought it was worth bringing back as the days get shorter.

The Tesla Board**,** because lets face it Tesla was the man!! We are going on the premise that we have a platform so we may as well use it.

Continuing on from our Spring, Summer and Autumn Foraging decks we have the final piece of the puzzle "Winter-Food for Free" including treats such as Rosehips, Sloe berries and Chanterelle.

Rat-racewhich is a picture I drew many years back when Iwas sick ofbusting my balls for "the man",basically illustrating the fact thatthere's always some fat cat at the top ofpile.

And you can't really put out product without an edit can ya....

Brighton Youth Centre has a newly refurbished indoor skatepark, thanks to the kindness of the community donating money and time to make it happen. Our boy Liam Teague worked his arse off to make the vision a reality and is now running the place. We headed up to test the new smooth wood and here's the highlights. Support your indoor Parks this winter.Skaters are Jak Tonge, Pete Johns, Liam Teague, Louis Antoine, Dyllan VD Merwe, The Batch and Ash Challis. Edited by Liam Teague and Filmed by Josh Wells and AD.. Cheers to BYC and Teague for hooking up this session for us.

IN other news Drawing Boards Cornish Tour went off with an 10 man strong squad... There will be a feature article in the upcoming Woodpusher Mad so will leave the details for now, but make sure you cop one when it's out..

Too easy for Jak Tonge. Pic Leo Sharp.

Posted on November 4th, 2016