Fairfield Nostalgia

Fairfield Halls was and will always be a massive part of Drawing Boards history.. So many friends and memories made at that place, not to mention the ridiculous amount and level of skateboarding that went down there over the years... Here's some salvaged footage featuring our first ever team member Jeremy Wilson with appearances from Elliot, Jak, Teague, Ad, Dyl and Isaac. Thought we'd fling in 2 other now defunct spots.. Namely 50p Building and White rail... Get Nostalgic.. Fairfield forever!!! Filmed by AD, Toe and Teague. There is a very limited amount of RIP Fairfield decks out there. (Released Friday).. If you want one you best be quick.....

Also (unrelated) the Ninja deck did so well we made it in a new colour way..

Posted on January 12th, 2018