Campus Takeover

Big Thanks to everyone at Campus for letting us host the Drawing Boards Takeover Exhibition.

First off Big Love to Tim and Andre and all the staff at Campus Pool in Bristol for all the support in getting it done.

Cheers to Brad for hanging about late while I hung wood.

Big up to Brett from "The Skateboarding Show" for documenting goings on!!

Love our team.. Props to the boys for squashing into the car and killing it all weekend.

Cheers to Max and Josh for going beyond the call of duty on the filming flex..

These dudes are the nuts!!!

Here's a few pics from the jam.

Keats standard front krooker

JamesThrelfall ollie in..

Jonny CairnsFS layback air.

Keats pop shuv revert for the Stevie Williams fans out there..

And of course Thanks to the man Chris "Back Tail" Dale for all these photos and more.

Expect footage to appear of the event with bonus clips from the team..

Also thanks to everyone who showed up to the event.. Was good meeting some many rad people and pushing Drawing Boards out there!!

If your in the Bristol area the decks will be hanging for the next month so peep them grab a pizza and have a shlarp!!

Posted on March 6th, 2019