Elemental Spirits...

Brand new...

The "ElementalSpirits" date back to the 16th century..

I have used theelementaltriangles on each deck along with the compass at the top showing each direction when calling in thespirits...

This series has been verified by an actual Shaman.. Gotta do it right, here's her explanations!!


East-fire (Aries in astrology starts on the spring Equinox) light new day, beginning Spirit.


South - water( Cancer starts the Summer season on Solstice. I live in Sussex so is natural that the water the sea is in South direction also in the other system I use, the one from Lakota language it is says that in noon in the middle of the day when the sun is south and at its zenith we are what we are in full visibility and we are made of water 75% of our bodies is water.


West is Air (Libra starting the Autumn in Equinox) most of the winds here are blowing from the west.


North is the Earth (winter starts from the Capricorn on Solstice).

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Posted on April 26th, 2019