Caduceus and the 7 lotuses

Here's... Caduceus and the 7 lotuses

They are fairly limited and are on different colour wood stains (details on the B2B)

The Caduceus was the "Wand of Life" carried by the god Hermes. This dude could travel between the worlds delivering messages. The two snakes represent the two polarities: feminine and masculine who dance together and intertwine at different points creating and activating little lotus flowers. Each lotus is a chakra, (a wheel of energy gifting different powers). As the snakes come to their final freeze, they have a sneaky kiss at the third eye and Boom, wings explode and Supreme Being mode is switched on AKA Kundalini has arisen and a thousand lotus petals rain down!!! So now you know.. (or you may just like the graphic and not care haha)

And T'shirts to match (variety of colours )...

Keeping the theme going...

New Stickers

Get Aligned!!!

Posted on May 28th, 2019