Past couple of weeks ..

It’s been a rad couple of weeks.. Big Thanks to everyone who came out to the jams and Premiers . It feels good to put “Street Art” out there and we have been humbled by the response.
Massive thank to @bycskatepark, @pittstreetskatepark and @thesourcepark for hosting us .. Also to all the independents who got behind us and showed the vid too 👊✏️. Still a few more showings to go, then we can release it into the wild as well as sharing our other official announcements. Also special thanks to Liam Teague for all his hard work, as well as putting up with my mild OCD .. Big love to all the Team and Filmers who made the vid happen. We already have stuff planned for next year soo keep it #drawingboards .. 

Posted on November 25th, 2023